EDGE High Quality Income Fund

EDGE High Quality Income Fund (EDGEHQIF) is a dedicated fixed income fund. The fund has a diversified allocation to different types of fixed income securities of various durations. We overweight certain types and durations based on their relative attractiveness and thus actively manage the portfolio.

EDGEHQIF is a substitute for fixed deposits or DPS products. Key advantages include ease of liquidation and income tax rebates; returns from IPOs are performance sweeteners. All investors can consider this product as a safe, short to medium term vehicle.

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Fund Information Value

Key statistics of the mutual fund are shown below.

Inception Date

10 Feb 2022

Fund Size*

BDT 559,284,393



Fund Type

Fixed Income Fund



Max Drawdown*

* Published on 31 March 2024

Sectoral Allocation

The table and the pie chart shows how client funds are invested. Data as of 31 March 2024.

Sector Portfolio weight
Treasury Securities 88.60%
Listed Bonds 4.40%
Others 7.00%

Performance History

The table summarizes fund performance since inception.

Strategy Name Since Inception 10Y 7Y 5Y 3Y 1Y 6M 3M YTD
EDGE High Quality Income Fund 14.20% - - - - 5.55% 3.63% 1.69% 3.16%

Fund Documents

All the key documents related to the fund including quarterly portfolio statements, quarterly financial statements, forms, prospectus etc can be downloaded below.

Year Annual Dividend
2023 6.00%

Features Description
Name of the Fund EDGE High Quality Income Fund
Nature Open end Mutual Fund
Life & size of the Fund Perpetual life and unlimited size
Sponsor & Asset Manager EDGE AMC Limited
Trustee Sandhani Life Insurance Company Limited
Custodian BRAC Bank Limited
Initial Size of the Fund Tk 25,00,00,000 (Taka Twenty Five Crore) divided into 2,50,00,000 (One Crore) Units of Tk. 10 (Taka Ten) each
Face value Tk. 10 (Taka Ten) per Unit

To maximize total investment return with high safety and liquidity-balance by investing principally in a portfolio of fixed and floating rate debt (or fixed income generating) securities and debt obligations issued by government, government-related issuers or corporate entities or NGOs based in Bangladesh. The Fund will invest only in invest ment grade debt securities and may also invest in money market instruments, convertible bonds and initial public offerings (IPOS) of debt and equity securities

Minimum Subscription

Tk. 5,000/- per application (500 Units) for individuals

Tk. 50,000/- per application (5,000 Units) for institutions

Not Applicable for SIP investors

Transparency NAV will be calculated on a weekly basis and shall be published on the website of the Fund manager (www. EDGEAMC.com) and as prescribed in the Rule
Target Group Individuals -both resident and non-resident, institutions- both local and foreign, mutual funds and collective investment schemes are eligible to subscribe the Units of the Fund
Dividend Minimum 70 (seventy) percent of realized income of the Fund will be distributed as Dividend in Bangladeshi Taka in each accounting year
Dividend Distribution The dividend warrant will be distributed within 45 (forty-five) days from the date of declaration.
Transferability The Units of the Fund are transferrable by way of inheritance/ gift and/ or by specific operation of law.
Surrender and Encashment

The Units holders can surrender and encash their Units to the Asset Manager and through the authorized selling agents appointed by the Asset Manager.

The Asset Manager or selling agent shall be liable to re-purchase the units on behalf of the Fund.

Tax Benefit

a) Income from a mutual fund or a unit fund up to tk, 25,000.00 (Twenty-Five Thousand) is exempted from tax under Income Tax Ordinance 1984

b) Investment in the Unit Fund would qualify for investment tax credit under section 44(2) of the Income Tax Ordinance.

c) The income of the Fund will also be exempted form Tax.