Mutual fund details

A mutual fund (MF) is a pooled investment vehicle which collects savings from small individual investors and institutions in exchange for partial ownership in that particular MF which is called a Unit (or certificate of ownership in an MF). The accumulated fund raised under an MF is then managed by an asset management company that uses its investment management expertise to invest the fund in a diversified portfolio of IPOs, stocks, bonds and other kinds of permissible securities. By doing so, the MF generates investment return over time which is then distributed to all the investors (or unitholders) of the fund in the form of dividends and capital gains/losses. An investor in a mutual fund may sell his/her units in the stock market at quoted price or surrender them at net asset value to liquidate the investments.

Advantages of mutual funds

Mutual Funds have a number of structural advantages making
them attractive investment vehicles.

Professional fund managers

Top asset managers have experienced and knowledgeable fund managers with proven track records.

Favorable tax treatment

Investments in mutual funds are eligible for income tax rebate and other favorable tax treatments.

Investor protection

Each mutual fund has a custodian, trustee and auditor who ensure investor money security.

Access to liquidity

Open-ended mutual funds can be redeemed very easily and are thus liquid investments.

Guaranteed IPO allocation

Mutual funds have an IPO quota which enhances the fund’s returns.

Small investments possible

Due to its structure mutual funds can accomodate small investment tickets via SIP or lump sum amounts.

Who invests in mutual funds?

Mutual funds managed by EDGE AMC Limited. have received investments from all types of clients
including small savers, high net worth individuals and large institutions.

Small Savers

Small savers can do systematic investment plans that allow them to invest as low as BDT1,000 per month.

High Net Worth Individuals

HNIs can invest lump sum amounts in mutual funds to reduce their tax burden.


Institutions like banks, stock brokers, insurance companies and provident funds can invest in mutual funds.

Fund Information

Comparing our funds

The table below summarizes the key differences between our different mutual funds.
For more details on each of these funds, click on the link to the fund pages.

Particulars EDGE Bangladesh Mutual Fund EDGE AMC Growth Fund EDGE High Quality Income Fund EDGE Al-Amin Shariah Consumer Fund
Inception Date 02 Aug 2018 05 Sep 2019 10 Feb 2022 11 Sep 2022
Fund Strategy Equity & fixed income Equity Fixed income Shariah equity
Asset Under Management1 224,332,618 202,336,242 559,284,393 142,293,885
Net Asset Value (per unit)2 10.30 10.79 10.79 9.22
Cumulative Return Since Inception 35.50% 28.60% 14.20% -7.80%
Annualized Return Since Inception 5.28% 5.39% 5.77% -4.45%
Shariah Compliance No No No Yes
SIP Facility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Investments Qualifying for IPO Eligibility? Yes Yes Yes Yes
1. Published on 31 March 2024
2. Published on 13 June 2024

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