Who Can Invest in Mutual Funds?

Posted on: 24 Dec, 2023

Who can invest in mutual funds?

Anyone with a bank and BO account in Bangladesh can invest in a mutual fund.

Can NRBs invest in Bangladesh Mutual Fund?

Yes, as long as you have a bank and BO account in Bangladesh, you can invest in mutual funds

Can students in Bangladesh invest in Mutual Funds?

Yes. There are no restrictions for students, however, you do need to be above the age of 18 to get a BO account in Bangladesh.

Do you need a BO account in Bangladesh to invest?

Yes, a BO account is mandatory in order to invest in a mutual fund. BO account opening can be done completely online in Bangladesh and takes only a few minutes. Learn how to open a BO account here:

Do you need a bank account in Bangladesh?

Yes. You will require a bank account in the country in which you will receive dividend payments (if you choose to receive them), and the total amount upon sale. 

Do I have to be an individual or corporate?

Both individuals and companies can invest in mutual funds in the country. 

What is the minimum amount I can invest in EDGE MF?

Eligible individual investor can become unit holder by investing minimum of BDT 5,000. For Institution the minimum amount is BDT 50,000.

Should I invest in mutual funds?

Our rule of thumb is, you should only invest in mutual funds if you can take on the risks. Mutual funds are usually a vehicle for long-term returns, and you may face some level of drag down in the short run. If you are planning to invest in mutual funds, start small, with an amount that you can afford (that is to say, if it reduces by around 20%, it will not cause a significant deterioration in your lifestyle but the investment amount is also not too small that a return of 12% will not be a significant source of income for you).

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