BSEC Approved EDGEHQIF’S Prospectus

Posted on: 15 Dec, 2021

Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BESC) has kindly approved the prospectus of EDGE High Quality Income Fund (“the Fund” or “EDGEHQIF”). This open-ended mutual fund will have an initial size of BDT 250 million; out of which EDGE AMC Limited will subscribe BDT 25 million as the Sponsor of the Fund. BRAC Bank Limited is the Custodian and Shandhani Life Insurance Company Limited will act as the Trustee of the Fund. EDGE AMC will also be the manager of the Fund.  

Key features of EDGE High Quality Income Fund include the following:

  • Nature of the Fund: Fixed-income generating open-end mutual fund.
  • Objective and investment universe: The Fund will aim to maximize total investment return with high safety and liquidity-balance. The Fund will be principally investing in a portfolio of fixed and floating rate debt (or fixed income generating) securities and debt obligations issued by government, government-related issuers or corporate entities or NGOs based in Bangladesh. The Fund will invest only in investment grade debt securities and may also invest in money market instruments, convertible bonds and initial public offerings (IPOs) of debt and equity securities.
  • Management fees: the Fund will seek to be the most cost-efficient fixed income fund and shall pay a management fee of 1.00% per annum.
  • Dividend policy: The Fund will payout minimum 70% of its annual realized earnings as cash dividends.

For Fund-subscription, please fill up this form.

You may also contact us via phone at +88029612606 or email us at to invest into the fund or to ask any questions you may have


EDGE AMC is a BSEC-registered asset management company founded in 2017. The Company has a strong team of 5 CFA Charter-holders and 2 Accounting Professionals with high-service standard and strong investment management track-record in Bangladesh. Currently, the Company manages two open-end mutual funds with combined asset under management of BDT 750 million. The first fund, namely EDGE Bangladesh Mutual Fund posted cumulative compounding return of 55% since inception in August 2018. The second fund started operation in September 2019 and posted cumulative compounding return of 49% since then. 

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